Mattresses & Beds: How to Choose a Bed - Get The Best Bed

Mattresses & Beds: How to Choose a Bed – Get The Best Bed

21st October 2020 Comments Off on Mattresses & Beds: How to Choose a Bed – Get The Best Bed By JBS Agency

Sleeping well is the best way to stay awake. This easy-to-understand paradox has a great difficulty attached, in knowing how to choose a bed, or rather, the best bed, and most importantly: How do you know which mattress to buy and which one suits you best?

Despite this, one of the most repeated – and least thought-out ways we buy a bed is to visit Google and search for something like “IKEA beds,” … isn’t it?

However, whether it is a trundle bed for our children, a cot bed for our baby, a sofa bed, or an adult bed, when we need to know how to choose a bed, there is a prior question that we must contemplate and take into account. Will my choice of bed affect my health?

The answer is obvious: Of course!

Somierre, mattress, pillow, canapé… Any hasty decision can be detrimental to your health. It’s not just any old decision you are making. It is not enough to go to Google and input “IKEA beds”.

In this article, we will show you what key points to consider when buying a bed.

Let’s get to it!

How to choose a bed. The best bed!

We can buy a bed at Ikea or in the multitude of stores that we have both in our neighborhoods or on the Internet, but, as we said, it is best to be guided by our health.

Choosing factors such as the best mattress or pillow that best suits our neck or back will depend on the quality of our rest.

Let’s do it:

1.- What does a mattress have to offer? Fundamentals to knowing how to choose a bed

There are many types, but perhaps the first choices that come to mind when choosing a mattress for the bed is the viscoelastic mattress or the latex mattress.

What other types of mattress are there? You can see a wide range of choices in this store. Take a look at their specialty mattress sections. I assure you that from there, you will come out more than informed and knowledgeable.

Back pain

Do you know that Google is full of searches that associate beds and back pain? “mattress and back problems” “consequences of sleeping on a bad mattress”, “pain, back, sleep”, “back pain in bed”, “back pain when sleeping”… you get the picture.

Beware of making a bad choice. It’s not just a mattress. It’s your mattress.

2.- Divan beds with drawers

Here we gain not only health but space and comfort. The drawers have good storage capacity that helps to keep your room tidy and take advantage of all spaces.

3.- Buy a box spring

This is not a decision to be made lightly. You have to look good at what kind of box spring you want. There’s a lot of them. Basic box spring, reinforced, upholstered, with slats, with frame, wooden, metal boxes, articulated boxes. Take care when choosing.

4.- Choose a pillow. “IKEA pillows?” …

Another very important factor to know how to choose a bed. Choose a good pillow. Again, you can go to Google and look for “ikea pillows”, but here we are talking about health again.

If we don’t want to spend time with a physical therapist, or worse, when buying a pillow, we have to think about how they adapt to our neck, our head, and our body.

The key to choosing the best pillow? There are three: Size, material, and level of firmness. A question asked a lot… “is it good to sleep without a pillow?” As a rule, no.

Final tips on how to choose a bed

In short, choosing a bed is not like choosing a dish in a restaurant. There are many factors that interpose, and, above all, we must always think that we are buying an article for many years and in which we will spend a third of our lives. That’s a lot. Let’s do more than just a Google search.

1.- A bed is not a unique item. The box spring, the pillow, the mattress… Our rest and health will depend on making a good choice for each element.

2.- Health or money? It’s best to combine the two. There are very good products that aren’t expensive. Above all, the important thing is to go to a trusted retailer.

3.- Give this the time it deserves. Don’t stop at the first search or first store. Find out about bed specialists with staff who are dedicated to the topic.