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Loft Conversions UK – Common FAQs

14th November 2019 Comments Off on Loft Conversions UK – Common FAQs By JBS Agency

Can all lofts be converted?

A loft conversion can only take place on a property that has a pitched roof. A loft conversion cannot take place if the roof is not pitched as there will not be enough space in the room over the ceiling. The desire to have a loft conversion has increased in recent times due to the increase in property prices and the need for more space in the property as families become larger. The good thing is that most properties can have the loft converted, so long as there is enough space. 1.5 m is the usual amount of height space that is needed in order to explore the possible options for a loft conversion.

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Types of Air Conditioning Systems

8th November 2019 Comments Off on Types of Air Conditioning Systems By JBS Agency

Every summer, most houses heat up, which causes discomfort in many users. The high temperatures necessitate an air conditioning unit. But getting the ideal air conditioner for your room can be a daunting task as there are multiple air conditioners in the market. Cooling requirements and house designs also vary hence the need for different air conditioners. James Blunt of Aircon Maintenance and cleaning services firm explains the different types available.

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